FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Part I - Earning Money on Surveys

1. How do I start responding to surveys?

In order to start responding to surveys simply click the Start button in the menu at the top of the screen. The system will then display a list of all available surveys which match your respondent profile.

2. I'm logged in but I don't see any surveys - now what?

If you can't see any surveys, that means that at the moment no survey matching your respondent profile is available. Don't worry - log in to Answeo tomorrow to check if there's a new survey waiting for you.

3. How much will I get for a response?

The response pay rate is determined by the author of the survey. Given that Answeo operates like a market, the pay rate offered is usually tied to factors such as the income level in the respondent's country of residence or the average response duration for the given survey.

4. How can I pay out what I've earned from my Answeo account?

In order to pay out your earnings, simply go to the Account Operations tab (by clicking on your account balance at the top of the page) and click the "Withdraw money" button.

5. Help, I can't pay out the credits on my account!

If you are unable to pay out the credits you've gathered on your account, that means you haven't reached the payout threshold yet. Respond to some more surveys to increase your account balance and pay out your earnings!

6. What's a minimum payout threshold and how high is it?

A minimum payout threshold is the minimum amount you can pay out from your account. In Answeo this threshold is currently set at $5.

7. When should I pay out the credits I've accumulated?

Answeo credits are valid for 365 days, durng which you can pay them out. After this period, their validity can be extended by responding to surveys. After 365 days (during which no survey responses have been completed) the account balance is automatically cancelled.

Part II - Carrying Out Survey Research

1. How do I add a survey?

To add a new survey, click on the "Add Survey" tab at the top of the screen. This will allow you to edit the settings for your new survey - text fields for the survey link and title (displayed on Answeo), as well as optional fields for the survey description and "Thank You" message.

2. I can't find the "Add Survey" tab!

If you chose a private account (as opposed to a business account) when signing up for Answeo, you will need to activate the Researcher Zone to gain access to this feature. To do this, go to "Settings" and click "Activate researcher zone" in the "Researcher zone" tab. Voila!

3. How do I define the target audience?

When adding a new survey, you can specify its target audience in the "Audience" section. Here you have the ability to choose the sex, age, location, and language of respondents for this survey. If you want to further specify your target audience, you can also add screen-out qualifying questions to your survey.

4. How much will I pay for my research survey?

As a researcher you have the ability to set the offered pay rate yourself. You must however keep in mind factors such as the average response duration or the income level in the respondents' country of residence. The pay rate you offer needs to be high enough to attract the desired number of respondents.

5. How much are the fees charged by Answeo?

All Answeo fees are displayed upon adding a new survey. Under the pay rate you set you will find information about the final cost of a single response (pay rate+fee)tawka+prowizja), while under the response limit field you will find the total cost of gathering the planned number of responses (the final cost of a single response multiplied by the response limit you set).

6. How long will my credits be valid after an account recharge?

The credits on your account ar valid for 365 days counting from the day of the recharge. Each new recharge extends their validity for another 365 days.

7. How can I receive invoices?

To enable the system to generate invoices for your company, you must first fill in all the necessary invoice data. To add or edit your invoice information, go to "Settings" and select "Invoice settings". Fill all the required fields and click the Save button to save any changes you've made. Remember, the invoice feature is available only to Answeo users who have a business account!

8. Can I change the target audience for an active survey?

Yes, all you need to do is enter the survey editor (by clicking the pencil icon on the survey) and modify the "Audience" and "Screen-out" settings as needed.