Answeo Terms of Use

I. General Provisions

The following Terms of Use define the terms of using the Answeo service ("Service"), provided by LABSEE Robert Borowski, located at ul. Zielona 13A, 19-400 Olecko, Poland ("Answeo”, "us”).

The Client may use the Service only on the condition that they have familiarized themselves with the Terms of Use and agreed to all of its provisions. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the Client enters a legally binding contract with Answeo. We reserve the right to decline entering a contract with the Client at our discretion, in particular in cases where the Client's previous account had been removed due to violating the Terms of Use.

If the Client does not agree to any of the Terms of Use provisions, they may not use the Service.

II. Service

The Service may only be used by individuals over the age of 16.

As part of the Service we provide:

a) Access to the online platform Answeo, based in the SaaS model (“Software-as-a-Service”) and containing tools for carrying out online survey research.

b) Access to the respondent zone - the ability to respond to available surveys and receive payment for those responses in the form of credits.

c) The ability to convert credits available on the respondent's account into cash (provided they exceeed the minimum payout threshold).

d) Access to the researcher zone - the ability to place announcements inviting respondents to complete a survey and to transfer payment in the form of credits for every completed survey response.

e) The ability to purchase credits in order to fund survey research carried out withint the Researcher Zone.

f) Additional functionalities, provided that the Client requests them, agrees to the additional Terms of Use - if said functionalities foresee this, and covers their costs.


Signing up for a private or business account "Account") on the Answeo Platform is necessary in order for the Client to use the Service. The Account can only be accessed via a login and password, unique for every Client. The Client is obliged to keep their login details secret. The Client is responsible for the results of Account use, in particular for the actions of the Account users.

Private Account

An account type dedicated solely to individual Clients. Each Client may only have one private Account. Within a private Account, the Client may use the Respondent Zone and the Researcher Zone. Invoicing for the purchase of Services offered is not provided within the scope of a Private Account.

Business Account

An account type dedicated solely to Clients representing companies and institutions. Business Accounts provide access only to the Researcher Zone.


Answeo charges a commission for credit purchase. The Client is notified of the commission rate every time they purchase credits.

Answeo charges the Client offering the survey (Researcher) with a comission for the transmission of payment from their Account to the Account of the Client responding to the survey (Respondent) - after they have completed their response to the survey. The Researcher is notified of the commission rate in the survey editing section of the research survey submission. They may enter the editor at any time to check the current commission rate.

Affiliation Program

Individual Clients may recommend the Answeo Service to others via an affiliation link. If the invited individual signs up for a Private Account using the Client's affiliation link, the Client will receive additional credits for every survey completed by the newly registered individual. The amount of credits received is equal to a percentage of the payment recieved by the invited individual for survey completion. The affiliation program has a limited duration, i.e. the Client will receive additional credits for every survey completed by the individual they invited for a year, starting from the moment the invited individual signed up.

III. Technical Requirements

We make every effort to ensure that the Service functions correctly on the newest official versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. In order to use the Service, the Client must have a device allowing Internet access as well as an email account and a program enabling Internet browsing which accepts cookie files and supports JavaScript.

The Client must keep in mind and accept that the quality of files which are sent, published or in any other way shared within the Service may differ from the original quality due to the need to adjust them to the standards and parameters of data transfer, the network or devices involved in the transfer, or the requirements of the Answeo Platform.

IV. Using the Service

By signing up for an Account and Accepting the Terms of Use, the Client:

a) agrees to act in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as any other documents and instructions published by Answeo in connection with providing the Service,

b) confirms that their use of the Service is voluntary,

c) confirms, that the data provided in the registration form as well as on the Account is correct and agrees to promptly update it, were it to change,

d) agrees to using, including sending and publishing, within the Service only those materials, to which the Client is duly authorized,

e) agrees to strictly follow the rules and provisions of the law regarding sending emails (including emails containing trade information) and personal data processing, in particular the regulations stipulated in the Civil Code Act dated 23rd of April 1964, the Provision of Services by Electronic Means Act, and the Personal Data Protection Act.

f) consents to receiving messages from Answeo as well as information on any hinderances, changes or maintanance breaks in the operation of the Service,

g) agrees to keep their Account login details confidential,

h) consents to receiving invoices for the Service provided on behalf of the Client, generated by Answeo in electronic form.

V. Payments

Fees resulting from use of the Service can be paid by credit card, debit card, or electronic transfer via one of the online transaction services operated by an Answeo partner considered to be a financial institution. Available payment methods may vary depending on the country of residence of the Client. In case of any issues with the payment, one should contact us through e-mail by sending a message to the address provided in the "Contact Details" section. Payments made for the Service are nonrefundable, with exceptions made for cases provided by the law. Answeo is not liable for any additional fess charged by financial institutions for the execution of the payment transaction.

A VAT invoice (available only for Business Accounts) for use of the Service is generated in electronic form within 7 days of receiving the payment. The invoice will be available after logging in to the Client's Account or will be sent to the email address provided during Account sign-up.

By accepting these Terms of Use, the Client agrees to pay tax connected to ordering the Service. In addition, Business Clients also confirm that they are registered as an active VAT taxpayer in their country and will present the number under which they are registered on Answeo's request. If the Client is required by the law to deduct or withhold the tax, they must pay the amount deducted or withheld in accordance with the law as well as pay an additional amount in order for Answeo to receive the payment in full, as if the tax were not deducted or withheld.

VI. Payouts

Only individual Clients (Private Account) may exchange credits available on their Account for cash, which can then be paid out to a digital wallet account operated by an Answeo partner who is a recognized financial institution. It is therefore required that the individual Client has an account with the Answeo partner.

The Client agrees to pay tax on account of income received due to the cash withdrawal, in accordance with law provisions in force in the country of the Client.

VII. Forbidden Practices

The Client may not use the Services in any way which, intentionally or not, leads to a violation of law regulations, good practices, the provisions of these Terms of Use, as well as intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties or which in any other way is or may be harmful to our business, brand, or reputation.

Examples of forbidden practices

1. uploading, publishing, embedding in surveys, storing, linking to, transmitting or in any other way sharing Content, which:

  • would infringe on the property of others, in particular on copyrights, industrial property rights, company-classified information,
  • is obscene, offensive, abusive, slanderous, pornographic, fraudulent, an invasion of privacy or in any other way violates the law in force or Answeo rules and policies (the Privacy Policy in particular),
  • is connected to pornography, adult content, racism, or any other material or content which may be offensive to others,
  • holds harmful content, in particular viruses, including Trojan horses, internet worms, logic bombs, cancel bots, spyware, or other files, software, or technologies which are designed or intended to disturb, damage, intercept, or hijack services, systems, software, or data; to limit the functioning of software, hardware or devices; or to damage or obtain unauthorized access to any data and other information on third parties,
  • is used to impersonate another individual, in particular our employee or representative;

2. using our Service to influence the recipient's subconscious;

3. misusing the Service, in particular to hack or to extract passwords, identification data, or any other data for illegal purposes, including phishing; filling in forms shared within the Service with the use of automated scripts;

4. taking other actions which, in our view, are disruptive or (may be) harmful to our employees, representatives, business, reputation, the value of our company, or which limit the ability of our clients to efficiently use the Service or any of our other services;

5. negligence or providing false answers when responding to surveys published within the Service.

The Client may not use hardware or software which might damage or disrupt the proper functioning of the Answeo Platform, or which is used for capturing the system or data from the Answeo Platform or any other website owned or controlled by Answeo. The Client may not take any actions resulting in an unjustified or disproportionately large network traffic or traffic within Answeo infrastructure. We inform that we do not monitor or control the Client's activity in the scope of their use of the Service. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to (regardless of any other rights resulting from the Terms of Use) suspend the functioning of the Service on a Client's Account, block access to all or part of the Service, with or without warning, at our own discretion and subject to the provisions of the law in force, if we receive information or have reason to suspect that the Client's activity violates provisions of law, our policies, these Terms of Use, the rights of third parties, or is for any other reason undesirable. In the situations described above we are not liable to the Client for the measures taken.

VIII. Content

The Client is fully responsible for any information, data, text, images, logos, videos, audio files, or any other materials and work they publish, upload, send or in any other way share using the Service. This involves responsibility for Content constituting links to other websites or resources or other services shared by third parties, of which the Client makes use. We do not claim any rights to the Content and assume that any rights and titles to the Content belong to the Client, with the exception of Content derived from our resources. The Client consents to being presented in our marketing materials, in particular in our case studies.

We grant the Client the right to make use of resources shared by us solely for the purpose of using the Service in accordance with their intended purpose, regardless of whether the Client had to pay to obtain access to those materials or not, and irrespective of whether the resource is a standard one or was custom-made for the Client. We would like to point out that our resources (including Multimedia Studio) may include materials which are subject to copyright and related rights of third parties. The Client acknowledges and accepts that we have the legal right to remove, block access to, or demand that the Client immediately ceases use of such resources, at any time and at our own discretion. If the Client does not comply with this demand, we have the legal right to remove such resources ourselves, without bearing any responsibility from it. In the cases listed above the Client will not have the legal right to demand reimbursement of any sums already paid to us.

If the Client publishes, sends or in any other way shares Content belonging to or through third parties, they are obliged to comply with the conditions of service provision and licensing as well as rules established by those parties, irrespective of any responsibilities resulting from these Terms of Use.

The Client acknowledges and accepts that we may keep Content and sharer it if that is required by the law or if it is necessary for the implementation of the provision of these Terms of Use, for the ruling or decision of a competent public authority, or for answering to charges that the Content violates the law in force or the rights of third parties.


The Client may at any time withdraw from using the Service. In order to do this, the Client should delete their Account by choosing the appropriate option in Account settings. With the moment of Account deletion, the agreement is immediately terminated. The Answeo Platform does not allow the Client to restore their Account.

All credits gathered on the Account are lost with withdrawal from using the Service and Account deletion.

We reserve the right to terminate our Service agreement with the Client at any time and without providing any justification and effective immediately, without being subject to any liability on this account.

In the event of a Client violating the provisions of these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate our agreement effective immediately, block all or parts of the Service, or refuse to provide Services to the Client in the future.

Examples of Terms of Use provisions violations:

  • failing to pay Service fees within the set time limit,
  • committing forbidden practices mentioned in item VII of the Terms of Use,
  • violating rules concerning use of trademarks and any other intellectual property of Answeo,
  • providing unreliable or false information about oneself by the Client or failure to update this information were it to change,
  • transfering rights and responsibilities arising from the Service agreement without prior consent of Answeo.

Once the agreement is terminated, regardless of the reasons and manner of the termination, the Client is not entitled to demand reimbursement of any fees paid, neither in part nor in full, except in cases foreseen by mandatory provisions of law. Withdrawal from the Service by the Client does not waive their obligation to pay fees which are already due or which will be charged on account of the Client's use of the Service until the termination of the agreement.

Agreement termination, Account suspension, or Account removal may impact the Client's Account, including surveys, data, or any other information collected on the Account. With the moment of agreement termination or the suspension or removal of the Account, some ongoing Account processes, as well as data collected and other information, may be permanently lost. Answeo is not directly or indirectly responsible for any of the resulting consequences.


Answeo processes personal data in accordance with the rules specified in the Privacy Policy.


We reserve the right to change or modify the Service features, in particular the right to update it, as well as to modify or replace the hardware or software used for the provision of the Service at any time and without any responsibility on this account, provided that it will not have any substantial negative effect on the provision of the Service. We reserve the right to breaks in the provision of the Service, resulting from technical reasons (e.g. breakdowns, repairs, check-ups, maintanance, hardware replacements), without being held responsible on this account. However, in case of planned maintanance breaks lasting longer than one day, we will make every effort to notify the Client of this at least one day in advance. Planned maintanance breaks will be carried out in a manner minimising any resulting inconveniences to the Client.

We also reserve the right to modify, add, or remove at any time any documents, information, images or other content located on Answeo Platform web pages.


The Client accepts that Answeo offers the Service and website "as is", with no guarantees, neither explicit nor implicit.

The Client is solely responsible for using the Service and our websites, in particular they are responsible for any Content or surveys conducted by them.

Answeo is not responsible for any damages (including data lost by the Clients) caused by:

  • Force Majeure,
  • the involvement of third parties, in particular in connection with the use of the Account by third parties using Client Account login data - obtained from the Client or under other circumstances which are beyond Answeo's control,
  • malfunction of outside factors and other systems (e.g. telecommunications networks) which are beyond Answeo's control,
  • errors in the Service and Answeo website code, as well as the use of trial versions of the functionalities,
  • insufficient or fluctuating bandwidth used by the Client, which may impact the quality of the provided Service,
  • the Client's violation of the provisions of these Terms of Use,
  • incorrect or false data provided by the Client during sign-up.

Force Majeure is understood to mean an unusual, external, unforseeable and unpreventable event. Circumstances in particular considered to constitute a Force Majeure include wars, natural disasters, strikes, breakdowns, DDoS attacks or other distubrances in the functioning of telecommunications networks or teleinformatic infrastructure, as well as extraordinary government or administrative action or actions of entities which have an impact on the provision of the Answeo service and whose activity is beyond the control of the Parties.

Answeo is not liable for any damages (indirect or direct) resulting from the loss of Client files or data stored on our servers; creating backup copies is the sole obligation and responsibility of the Client.

Contractual and tortious liability of Answeo is limited only to direct losses incurred by the Client. Answeo is not liable for indirect losses, regardless of their source (in particular: loss of revenue, profit, interest, or any other benefits; pure financial losses; losses resulting from other agreements and connected to the unavailability of all or parts of the Service), except in case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on Answeo's part. The strict liability of Answeo, irrespective of the number and grounds for the claims of a Client or third party, is limited to the total amount paid by the Client for the Service over the course of one month directly preceding the date on which the Client put in the claim to Answeo. The Client hereby frees Answeo of any obligations exceeding the limit indicated above.

The Client is obliged to release Answeo as well as its employees, partners, contractors, and representatives from any liability connected to charges and claims put in by third parties and related to the Client's use of the Service, the Content, violations of these Terms of Use, provisions of the law or the rights of third parties.


Answeo may make changes to these Terms of Use and any other documents connected to them at any time. Answeo notifies the Client of any changes to the Terms of Use (or any other legal document connected to them) 10 days prior to their entry into force by posting the relevant information and the updated version of the document on the Client's Account or on the Answeo website.

All proceedings initiated and not completed before the entry of any changes to the Terms of Use into force shall be governed by the provisions of the Terms of Service in force at the time of the initiation of those proceedings.

The Parties agree that all statements directed at the other Party during the use of the Service may be submitted in the form of electronic correspondence sent:

a) in the Client's case - to the email address provided in the registration form,

b) in Answeo's case - to the email address provided in the section "Contact Details".

The Client may transfer the rights and obligations resulting from this agreement, onto an individual who meets the criteria for entering the agreement, only with Answeo's permission. This permission may be given in the form of an email. Matters unregulated by these Terms of Use shall be governed by generally applicable provisions of Polish law. Any disputes arising between Answeo and the Client shall be referred for settlement to a common court of local jurisdiction over Answeo headquarters.

The current version of the Terms of Use is in force from the 11th of November 2018 and is available on the Answeo website

XIV. Contact Details

Contact with the Service Provider is possible via email and can be made by sending a message to the email address

Correspondence will be carried out in English only.

The Service provider reserves the right to respond only to selected messages.

Current payment processors (partners)

Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A.
ul. Św. Marcin 73/6
61-808 Poznań
+48 12 35 02 477

Current payout processors (partners)

PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.